Heavy Duty Pumps for Mining and Industry


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Providing the industry experts with the most reliable pumps on the market, PRICE PUMPS Australia manufactures a comprehensive range of pumps for mining, industrial and commercial applications. Our range of PRICE PUMPS, designed for economic trouble free operation and low service costs can be supplied in many configurations to meet the challenge of every industry.

Available in various construction materials suited to handle the toughest environments and supported by an extensive range of spare parts to ensure your equipment is constantly performing at its best.

Meeting the challenge of every industry

PRICE PUMPS Australia is the solution for all aspects of liquid product handling across all industry sectors. Backed by over 20 years experience we have been meeting the challenging needs of our clients for many years, by ensuring they have the right equipment to get the work done.

Mining, Oil & Gas

General Industry

Water & Wastewater

Power Stations

Food & Beverage

Chemical Industry

PRICE PUMPS is the solution for all aspects of liquids handling

Renowned for their reliable robust operation, every product is subject to
rigorous stringent testing and re-testing requirements. Using up-to-date
technology and rugged construction materials, PRICE PUMPS are built to last.

We guarantee to provide the performance, quality, and power you need

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PRICE PUMPS Australia is represented by a range of qualified distributors and service partners to serve our markets locally and globally in all industry segments.


Collaborate with our PRICE PUMPS Experts

Backed by experienced engineers and technicians with high expertise and skills in products and services for the Mining, Power, Industry, Water & Wastewater industries.


High Quality, Continuous Performance

If you’re looking for long-term reliability and results, PRICE PUMPS is at your service with high quality and continuous performance for all your pumping needs.


We are currently looking for quality, motivated organizations to represent the PRICE PUMPS brand in our core industries including construction and mine dewatering, sewer bypass, oil and gas water supply, emergency disaster recovery, marine, environmental, utilities, governmental, and industrial.