PPHSS Heavy Duty Series

The PRICE PUMPS Submersible Electric Slurry Pump is a great option for more permanent pump-out set-ups. Available in a range of sizes, and with its 3-phase electric motor, this pump has the power to clear large volumes of water in minimum time.

It features a wide flow pipe impeller and simple internal design to enable large particle slurries to easily pass through with minimum abrasion to the internals. Depending on size, flow rates of up to 2000m3 per hour of water containing solids of up to 60mm can be transferred.

  • Head up to 130 metres
  • Capacity greater than 2000 m3/hour
  • Power Source Voltage 380V/415V/1000V
  • Power Source Frequency 50Hz/60Hz three phase
  • Max Water Temperature 40°C
  • SG Capacity 1.2
  • Max Depth of Submergence 20 metres
    Motor should be totally submerged at all times during operation if a cooling jacket is not fitted
  • PH of Liquid 4 ~ 10 range
  • Recommended Installation Vertical
  • Operating Conditions S1 with cooling jacket


Specifically designed for mining and civil operations where the water is contaminated with suspended solids such as coal fines, sand and mud.