MD Series

The PRICE PUMPS MD Series Multistage Pump is used to transport clean water or liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to clean water.

With advantages like wear resistance and long running life it is especially suitable for mine dewatering and pumping well water containing no more than 1.5% solid particles and other liquids. The liquid temperature shall not be higher than 80℃.

Performance Range
Capacity: 6.3 ̴ 150m³/h
Head: 50 ̴ 650m
Temperature: up to 80 degrees C


  • High Efficiency
  • Wide Performance,
  • Safe and Steady Operation,
  • Low Noise,
  • Long Running Life


  • Water supply and discharge in high-rise buildings
  • Fire water supply in constructions
  • Water supply and discharge in factories and mines
  • Long distance delivery
  • Cyclic pressurization in production