Electric Submersible Pump Trouble Shooting


Impeller flow restricted – Check and clear impeller

Actual capacity more than 120% of rated capacity  – Adjust the valve or use large pump

Pumped liquid is high density or viscosity – Reduce density or viscosity

Operating voltage is too low – Use rated voltage

Cooling system has insufficient flow – Clean cooling system

Bearing failure  – Replace bearings (determine cause)

Operating voltage is too low – Use rated voltage

Single phase operating – Check power source

Impeller is blocked – Check and clear impeller

Binding between the impeller and lower casing cover or inner cover – Adjust the clearance of impeller

Cable junction damaged –  Make connection again

Stator winding is damaged  – Replace winding

The winding is wet – Find the cause and rectify. Dry out wind windings

Cable is damaged – Renew cable

Damaged or work impeller – Replace the impeller

Blocked volute  – Clean the blockage

Bearing failure – Replace the bearing

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