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PRICE PUMPS Australia is represented by a range of qualified distributors and service partners to serve our markets locally and globally in all industry segments.


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Backed by experienced engineers and technicians with high expertise and skills in products and services for the Power, Mining, Industry, Water and Wastewater industries.


High Quality, Continuous Performance

We aim to support your business by keeping your equipment running. If you are looking for long-term reliability and results, PRICE PUMPS is at your service with high quality and continuous performance for all your pumping needs.

We Don't Just Sell Pumps

Located in Mackay and Sydney, PRICE PUMPS Australia provides quality heavy-duty pumping solutions for mining and industry.

Our pumps are built tough and specially designed and innovated to withstand the harsh mining environment where abrasive solids-contaminated liquids are a fact of everyday life.

Backed by over 20 years of experience in underground and above ground in CQ mines, PRICE PUMPS Australia was established to address the need for reasonably priced yet durable pumping solutions to this vital industry.

All pumps in our range are selected with durability, serviceability, ease of use and easy swap-in/swap-out in mind.

PRICE PUMPS Australia doesn’t just ‘sell’ pumps. We have the knowledge and industry experience to assist our clients in designing effective pumping solutions suitable for their particular application and situation – and at a competitive cost-effective price.

If you have an industrial pumping requirement – chances are PRICE PUMPS Australia has the solution.

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Price Pumps is looking to expand distribution in Australia as well as globally and we are currently looking for qualified distributors to represent our company

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